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Surgery students ‘losing dexterity to stitch patients’

Surgery students ‘losing dexterity to stitch patients’. This is a very serious state of affairs when surgeons are saying that their students have lost the dexterity for stitching or sewing up patients. ‘Screen time’ must be causing one of the...

Jonathan Mooney was often called ‘stupid’ and ‘lazy’!

Jonathan Mooney Is one of the foremost leaders in LD/ADHD, disabilities and alternative education and yet, he was always the slow kid in class, called ‘stupid’ and ‘lazy’. When will we start realising children are not stupid or lazy. From the moment a child is...

Music and Dyslexia Conference

Music and Dyslexia Conference Saturday October 20th Morley College, London Save the date and tell your friends. Further information will be sent out shortly. Sally Daunt Chair, British Dyslexia Association Music Committee