dyslexia a2 z – Computers, Software & VRSMind Mapping

Technology in the hands of businessmen‘Mind Mapping’ or ‘Concept Mapping’ (what a name!), Software, can help in many areas, including:

• Vocabulary
• Writing
• Reading comprehension
• Note taking
• Critical thinking
• Higher order thinking
• Learning a foreign language
• Problem solving, particularly in maths
• Comprehension and retention of scientific material and concepts
• Retention and recall of information

Inspiration v9 (7 – adult)

An excellent visual learning tool. A great computer program that maps out ideas in a ‘nifty spider chart’. Helps students develop ideas while planning and structuring workflow. Available from iANSYST.

MindGenius 2005 (for 11 years +):

A flexible Mind Mapping program with an automatic brainstorming mode which enables the map to be viewed in a variety of layouts. Closely integrated to MS Office it allows text outlines and images of maps to be easily imported and exported to many common applications as well as time and project management tools through Outlook.

Mind Manager X6 Pro (for 11 years +):

A powerful and comprehensive mind mapping tool that encourages efficient and accurate management of ideas using visual cues. The multi-map view makes handling large amounts of information easier.

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