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Speech Training

Technology in the hands of businessmen
Computers are now helping children at some schools to learn to speak properly. A speech training aid computer displays the word it wants a child to say and listens to the way the child repeats the word. It then tells them if they have said it correctly. Once the child has said the word correctly, he can move on to the next word.

There are thousands of words with graphics available. Teachers using the software are impressed at the computer’s ability to ‘hear’ them talking. The Defence Research Agency and Hereford and Worcester County Council initially developed the project jointly.

Speech Training / Elocution Lessons

Whilst computers now take almost every part of our day and education, there is still a lot to be said about specialists that can help you speak correctly. There are many people that can help you to speak clearly. This is not to make you into ‘snobs’, or make you sound as if you have a ‘plumb in your mouth’, but clearly to help you speak clearly and comprehensively. There are so many variations of a simple three letter word ‘yes’. Many people say, ‘ye’,’ yea’, ‘yup’, and many more. The problem is if you say, ‘yea’ when you speak, when you read, you will be looking for those letters ‘y-e-a’, instead of the correct ones and when you spell you will spell it like ‘yea’ or similar. You can see how literacy difficulties can occur.

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