dyslexia a2 z – Computers, Word Prediction and Speech Synthesis

Lavande, produits cosmétiques naturelsThere are literally hundreds of computer software programmes available these days. However, a lot of them are not particularly suitable for students’ with dyslexia.

I would like to say that 100% of items on this site are suitable for student’s with dyslexia or other SpLD’s, however, occasionally something may slip through, if you notice this, please could you email me. Many thanks, Maria

Voice Recognition Software (VRS)

During the last few years, speech recognition software has come a very long way, for instance, ‘Dragon Naturally Preferred‘ is rated independently to be 99% accurate and is so easy to use, you’ll wish you changed years ago.
This software works by you ‘talking’ to your computer. As you talk, the words are written on the computer screen – and they are spelt correctly. This type of software helps to improve spelling because the student always sees the correctly spelled words. The computer types up exactly what you say. (The golden rule is to speak slowly when recording your own voice, stressing ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘and’, etc., but please do not speak like a robot, because when you start doing your essay’s etc., the machine will not recognise your voice.) Read more . . .

Word Prediction and Speech Synthesis

Word prediction and speech synthesis software ‘predicts’ what the student wants to say by ‘guessing’ what the word is from the first couple of letters. With some of these packages the computer will search the list for the appropriate word, i.e. type the letter ‘a’ and several of the common words are suggested such as a, an, and, another, etc. The user can normally listen to the words being spoken thus helping them decide which word is correct.

ClaroRead Plus

The ClaroRead Plus is a word prediction program which includes ScreenRuler (a strip-magnifying program), the new ClaroView screen tinting program and Scan2Text which uses the powerful OmniPage optical character recognition for turning paper and PDF files into editable, speaking Word documents. Further information available from REM.

Penfriend XP

This software is able to predict words before they are typed, saving time and effort. It can also speak its suggestions and read text from documents. A great help for those with dyslexia. It has been so successful it has been sold to all schools in Northern Ireland as well as all UK online centres in colleges and libraries (nearly 900 centres). You can get further information from REM.

Penfriend XPPortable

As above but is portable. It’s ideal to take from classroom to classroom or office to home. You can get further information from REM.

Read and Write Gold (10)

Providing the ultimate support for dyslexic students and adults, this toolbar offers a variety of tools. Combinations of speech-feedback, phonetic spellchecker and dictionary and word predictions help overcome the problems of accessing and composing written material. It can correct words such as ‘there’, ‘they’re’, and ‘their’ where the sound of the word is correct but the context may be wrong. This product was short listed for the prestigious Education Resource Award 2010 in the category of Best Special Education Resource. You can get further information from iANSYST.

The Grammar Show (7 – 14)
This helps children learn and consolidate their understanding of grammar. Suitable for Key Stage 2 and 3. Areas covered: nouns, simple verbs and tenses, verb forms, adjectives and adverbs, pronouns and prepositions, sentences and standard English. Available from www.dyslexic.com

Information about Computers, Software, Educational Games The following is all tried and tested by various Dyslexia Associations across the Country, include:
TextHelp Read & Write, Mind Genius, Mind Manager, Inspiration, Clicker, Coloured Overlay Screener, Gamz, LADS, Mastering Memory, Nessy, Penfriend, QuickScan/StudyScan, Touch-Type Read & Spell, WordBar, Wordswork, Alphabet Track, Eye Track, Idiom Track, Phoeme Track, Spell Track, Word Track,etc. Plus the usual technical aids: Reading Pens, Handheld Spellers, Dana, Dictaphones etc.