Dyslexia a 2 z – Eye Tests & Learning Difficulties?

Eye Test for childrenAre Eye Tests important for Children?

Eye tests are essential for all of us; but even more critical for our children. Many parents tell me that children have their eyes tested at school and don’t need to take their child for another eye examination.  Indeed, the majority of children may not need to go for other assessments. However, children with problems, reading, writing etc.,  may very well have to have another more thorough examination because there could be an undiagnosed problem which is causing the child to have these difficulties.

Many children with dyslexia or other Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD’s) have undetected eye problems!


A high percentage of chilEye Testdren with dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties (SpLD’S) have undetected eye problems.  Surely it is worth going for an eye examination to rule out if this is causing their educational issues.  At least you will know one way or another and if they need glasses that can be sorted almost immediately. In most cases, a simple pair of glasses will sort it out, and in a few months, they will be on the way to overcoming their difficulties.

Please don’t keep putting it off. GET YOUR CHILDREN TESTED NOW! They can have a full eye test, free in the (UK), under age of 18, or if they are still in full-time education. Yes, Free. Now, that’s a bargain, isn’t it? So, if you haven’t taken them yet, please do it soooooon! For more information: go to the Health Section of the website and click on the Eye Section.