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ChromaGen & Dyslexia

Eye-ExamSome students with dyslexia say that when they wear special contact lenses that have a tiny speck of colour in the contact lenses they have been able to read easier. These contact lenses are made with the help of the Intuitive Colorimeter and help people with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.

ChromaGen Lenses were developed at the Corneal Laser Centre for colour blindness at Clattersbridge Hospital, Wirral. The Lens is similar to ordinary soft contact lenses, but has a tiny speck of colour that is almost invisible.

*Research to be published a few years ago, confirm that the ChromaGen system produces a highly significant effect, with an average increase in overall reading speed of 24%.

The ChromaGen system of lenses was awarded ‘Millennium Product’ status to recognise forward thinking, challenging, creative and innovative products.

Ultralase (formerly known as the Corneal Laser Centre) opened Britain’s first specialist private clinic offering laser treatment for short-sightedness in January 1991.

The screening test using the GhromaGen system is available through participating opticians.

You can find a list of these by going to our Online Directory, click on the assessment / test your require, which is on the left hand of the screen, and then click on the area you require.

For further information on ChromaGen lenses contact Ultralase.
*ChromaGen-Ultralase – 4/4/00.