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Coloured Overlays & Dyslexia

Eye-ExamSome people who have dyslexia, say that when they use coloured plastic sheets (coloured overlays) over their work, they have been able to read easier and more fluently. These plastic sheets help people with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.

what are coloured overlays?

Coloured overlays are clear coloured plastic sheets that can be placed over a page in a book. They work by reducing the perceptual distortions of text (some dyslexic students say the words go fuzzy or jump about.) These signs are characteristic of a condition that some have called ‘Meares-Irlen Syndrome’ or ‘Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome’.

There is evidence to suggest that certain some students with dyslexia and/or specific learning difficulties find it easier to read more fluently and quicker when using coloured overlays.

Coloured overlays are available in different colours and people should try them to see which colour they feel most comfortable with. If, after a period of time, the student feels they are helping; glasses can be made, in order that they may these items in other areas of their work.

These specialist eye tests can be carried out at participating opticians and usually offer both coloured overlay trials and, if required, supply colour-corrected optical tinting in accordance with the Cerium Optics standards.

The participating opticians have an Intuitive Colorimeter for accurate assessment of the effectiveness of the overlay hues.

It is usually advisable to have a full eye examination when being assessed as this can often reveal other previously undiagnosed visual problems.

cerium overlays

If you suspect someone may have a problem in the first instance Cerium Overlays are a logical and inexpensive first step towards assessment.
The Cerium Overlays and Screening Kit can be purchased through Cerium Visual Technologies.