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Dunlop Test & Dyslexia

Eye-ExamThe ‘Dunlop Test’ has been found to be very helpful when it has been used on children with dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties.

The Dunlop test was designed in 1971 by Mrs. P Dunlop, an orthoptist to ascertain whether a child has a fixed reference eye. If the reference eye is not established this could lead to learning difficulties.

If your child has an eye problem he may be referred to an eye clinic. An orthoptist will assess his binocular vision to see how his eyes work together and to make sure one eye is dominant.

Children usually have a fixed reference eye by the time they are seven. If treatment is necessary glasses with one side frosted, or eye exercises may be prescribed.
Some children with dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties have found this to be very beneficial.

In the UK, this test is available on the NHS; your doctor will be able to refer you to your nearest orthoptic department. Please note this test is not available throughout the UK.