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Intuitive Colorimeter & Dyslexia

Eye-ExamSome people say that when they use colour in their glasses they have been able to read easier. These glasses are made with the help of the Intuitive Colorimeter and help people with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.

The Intuitive Colorimeter uses up to 7,000 tints to measure exactly which colour helps individual students.

Scientists do not know exactly how this technique works but they believe that the area in the brain that controls vision is very sensitive and some text may over-excite the colour neurones resulting in text being distorted. It appears that the coloured lenses, filter out light, helping to correct the problem.

Students who appear to benefit most from these lenses are students who find that words and letters tend to; be jumbled up, move around, wobbles and appear in the wrong order. Some students with dyslexia and/or specific learning difficulties have most of the following symptoms others may only have one. Mostly, students do not realise it is a problem as they have always seen writing in the same way.

Research has shown that if a child uses coloured overlays his reading speed increases and he has fewer headaches.

The full screening test using the Intuitive Colorimeter is available through participating opticians.

You can find a list of these by going to our Online Directory, click on the assessment / test your require, which is on the left hand of the screen, and then click on the area you require.