health & dyslexia: developmental therapies neuro developmental delay

By Gail Saye NDT (INPP) MDPA

Developmental Therapy & Dyslexia

little gymnast girl nad her trainer isolated on whiteIt is believed that Neuro Developmental Delay (NDD) can help children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

Most specific learning difficulties are developmental disorders. This does not mean that there is damage but only that certain early developmental stages have not been perfected before going on to the next stage. A bit like the child who cannot get the hang of long division because he hasn’t fully learned how to do short division – in other words he’s not ready for it. This has become known as Neuro Developmental Delay (NDD).

NDD can help children with dyslexia and the following difficulties:

* Writing difficulties
* Maths and Spatial Problems
* Delayed Speech
* School Phobia
* Immature Behaviour
* Dyslexia
* Co-ordination Problems
* Clumsiness
* Balance Problems
* Language Disorders
* Language Disorders
* Hypersensitivity
* Dyspraxia