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Tomatis & Dyslexia

Wie bitte?In 1982, a French, Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, Dr Alfred Tomatis, invented a device called an ‘Electronic Ear’.

Tomatis used this device to normalize hearing and the way the brain processes information. He believed that the root cause of many learning difficulties was due to the ‘way we listen’ and if we did not ‘listen’ properly we could have impaired hearing, this in turn could lead to dyslexia. He went on to develop a highly effective technique to remedy this problem.

Tomatis was not only a leader in his field; he was also one of the first audiologists that believed that dyslexia was related more to the ear than the eye (as is the belief in other medical areas).

The method uses specially modified auditory feedback in a broad range of frequencies; this approach is extremely useful for children with auditory processing problems. (A lot of people with dyslexia have auditory processing problems.)

These treatments aim was to re-pattern a child’s hearing range.