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Visual Tracking Magnifier (VTM) & Dyslexia

Eye-ExamAn optical device, which it is claimed will help millions in the treatment of reading difficulties such as dyslexia, has been awarded ‘Millennium Product Status’ by the Design Council.

Christened – The Visual Tracking Magnifier (VTM) the new device is the result of many years research by Ian Jordan, who is well known for his pioneering work in designing equipment that can effectively measure and treat visual dyslexia.

Many visual dyslexia sufferers are confused by pattern glare, which causes whole blocks of text to merge and swim above the page to make reading extremely difficult. Jordan has combated this problem by creating a device that modifies the way one’s eyes approach the print.

The VTM sits on a page and can be easily tracked backwards and forwards across the text. It consists of a high powered magnifying glass, with a central viewing strip about one centimetre wide. Above and below this strip are two semi-circular, transparent, patterned areas that remove any distortion of the surrounding text. As a result, a high proportion of visual dyslexics can read text much more easily.

what is the new visual tracking magnifier line reader?

Following the tremendous success of the VTM, the new Line Reader has been designed for visual dyslexics who have achieved a reading age of around 10 or above (unless they experience fixation difficulties or binocular instability, in which case the Visual Tracking Magnifier will probably provide more benefit). The magnifier has shaded areas to mask pattern glare and has an overall length of 115mm. This magnifier is also very useful for following lines of print in directories etc.

Jordan believes the greatest benefit from the new device will be found in school classrooms, where the VTM will
help an estimated ten to fifteen percent of pupils in an average class, but with even greater numbers benefiting in lower achievement groups.

Jordan has written several excellent books, including; ‘Visual Dyslexia – A guide for Parents & Teachers’ and ‘Visual Dyslexia, Signs, Symptoms and Assessment’.

where can i get the visual tracking magnifier from?

The Visual Tracking Magnifier and Ian Jordan’s books are available from Edward Marcus Ltd.