Definition of dysgraphia (Handwriting Difficulty)

HandwritingDysgraphia (pronounced: dis-graf-ia) affects approximately 10% of the population. Dysgraphia is a neurological disorder, and dysgraphia symptoms are characterised by the inability to write correctly. Dysgraphia, in fact, refers specifically to the failure to perform operations in handwriting. It could be described as an extreme difficulty with fine-motor skills.

Definition of Dysgraphia

‘Dysgraphia means having severe problems with the written word, which is affected by extreme difficulty with fine-motor skills – in spite of having normal intelligence and ability’.

by Dr David Cowell & Maria Chivers


It is essential to recognise dysgraphia as soon as possible before it impacts on a child’s self-esteem. Just as there is no single set of signs that characterise all dyslexics, there does not appear to be only one cause of dysgraphia.