Dysgraphia (handwriting) Specialist Software

There are so many computer aids and equipment for dysgraphia that parents are often totally confused with what to purchase first. I have listed a selection of computer software, which are specifically designed to help students with dysgraphia, and which as a mother of two dyslexic children, we found to be useful.

There are various software packages to help with dysgraphia such as Word Prediction and Speech Synthesis software packages. These software packages can help if the only thing stopping a student getting the work down on paper is a physical problem. These programs do take a little getting used to, but at the end of the day, they save a lot of time, effort and frustration!

Voice Recognition Software

However, I think that a brilliant piece of software is the Voice Recognition Software (VRS), sometimes called Speech Recognition Software (SRS). One of the main leaders in the market is Nuance, publishers of, Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is so easy to use, and for the first time, students can do their homework without the usual stress levels that go along with it. While this takes a little getting used to, it is very much worth the effort. Have a look at the link below and see what you think?

This is what the parent’s of a youngster said, as soon as their son, used this software:

“The first assignment our son wrote using Naturally Speaking was so amazing, we had trouble believing he’d written it himself! Being able to ‘talk’ his ideas into the computer allowed his words to flow easily from his mind to the word processor. He began, dare I say, ‘enjoying’ his writing assignments.”

Zac C.

Dragon Naturally Speaking – Look what the makers of Dragon have to say:

If you or your child has dyslexia, enough is enough. There’s actually no need to spend another minute using a keyboard or a mouse, struggling to get ideas into words.

With Dragon, you can simply talk into your headset and your words appear on the screen – instantly.

No more worrying about spelling – Dragon will take care of that for you. No more struggling with sentence structure either – for once, you get to just talk your ideas without anything getting in the way. You can even proof what you’ve written with dictation playback.

With Dragon, writing up a homework assignment, report or email, is so much faster and easier. And because you can use Dragon to control your entire computer, you can use it to browse the web, update Facebook, shop online – and so much more.

(There is a lot more software available and will be added shortly.)