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HandwritingOn this page, you will find older items of Dysgraphia & Dyslexia News Items that have been archived, that have been used on our site over the years.

Archive Dysgraphia & Dyslexia News Items

Year 2016

11/06/16 – Dysgraphia / Dyslexia – do we still need to use handwriting?
07/06/16 – Ditch your keyboard. With DRAGON, you just talk your ideas and it types it on the page for you. Yes, it’s that easy!
07/06/16 – What is Dysgraphia?
07/06/16 – What is Dyslexia?

Year 2013

01/10/13 – Ditch your keyboard. With DRAGON, you just talk your ideas and it types it on the page for you. Yes, it’s that easy!
01/10/13 – What is Dysgraphia?
01/10/13 – What is Dyslexia?
27/09/13 – Dyslexia – TES, Special Needs, London, Exhibition, Friday 10th & Saturday 11th October 2014
25/09/13 – Music – Moving to the rhythm ‘can help language skills’
25/09/13 – ‘Afternoon naps’ aid children’s learning
16/09/13 – Supporting students with dyslexia: tips, tricks and tech for teachers
05/09/13 – A new ‘Typeface’ called ‘Dyslexie’ for dyslexics
05/09/13 – Dyslexia ‘seen in brain scans’ of preschool children
18/07/13 – Almost 40% of army recruits have reading age of 11, MPs warn
17/07/13 – Dyslexia is Britain’s secret weapon in the spy war
11/07/13 – What is Dysgraphia?
11/07/13 – What is Dyslexia?
06/07/13 – Dyslexic children ‘should read complicated fonts’
06/07/13 – Creative people more likely to hold phone to left ear, study finds
21/06/13 – Dyslexic PC faced ‘unfair treatment’ by Sellafield Force – awaiting result
19/06/13 – Can Brain Training make you smarter?
30/05/13 – Pupils write book on dyslexia
30/05/13 – 73% parents say their children don’t have access to drinking fountains, which could affecting their educational development
04/05/13 – Dyslexic PC faced ‘unfair treatment’ by Sellafield force – no decision yet
04/05/13 – Teenage triathlete tips on beating dyslexia
01/05/13 – How A Particular Type Of Drawing Is Associated With Reading Achievement In Kindergarten
16/04/13 -Is handwriting still important? The digital generation skips penmanship
13/04/13 -Singing ‘rewires’ damaged brain – ultimately, could help reading
13/04/13 -‘Rosemary smell ‘may improve memory’
10/04/13 -Chewable # iPads for babies, whatever next. This costs just £85 and will ‘bounce. ‘Helps one-year-olds develop’.
10/04/13 -Could the tiny# ‘Raspberry Pi’ do-it-yourself PC help Britain to find the next Mark Zuckerberg?
04/04/13 -How brain training can make you significantly smarter
04/04/13 -Diagram showing how dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD & Asperger’s Syndrome overlap
04/04/13 – Dyslexia – Creativity without a lot of Reading.
04/04/13 – Lifechanging ChromaGen Lenses for People with Dyslexia.
13/03/13 – Video games top treatment for dyslexia, say researchers
12/03/13 – ‘Fonzie’ (Henry Winkler) gives dyslexia talk at School.’
11/03/13 – James Martin: ‘Dyslexia drove me to success, despite being unable to read.’
11/03/13 – How hearing skills could be key to treating dyslexia
03/03/13 – Video games may boost reading skills in dyslexic kids: Study shows
03/03/13 – Thomas Richards is just 16, and has become another Dyslexic Entrepreneur, through sheer hard work
27/02/13 – 2nd National Music Day, is on 16 March
27/02/13 – Babies can hear in the womb, three months before they are born
22/02/13 – UK maths pupils ‘not keeping up’
22/02/13 – Top maths pupils ‘fail to keep up with world’s best’
22/02/13 – Dyslexia can be fixed using devices
12/01/13 – Steven Spielberg talks about his Dyslexia
12/01/13 – Want to Prepare your Toddler for school?
12/01/13 – NYC has a new law banning large sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces?

Year 2012

21/11/12 – New study claims ADHD ‘has a genetic link’.
21/11/12 – ‘I’ve missed a year of school with ADHD’.
21/11/12 – Second Book on Dyslexia Poetry by Dyslexic Writer
21/11/12 – Great interview with Steven Spielberg about his Late identification of dyslexia
18/11/12 – Redemption time for Mitchell (Dyslexia / ADHD)
18/11/12 – Keira Knightley: dyslexia ‘doesn’t mean you’re stupid’
18/11/12 – Eddie Izzard – Learning French (with subtitles)
18/11/12 – Copies of ‘Dyslexia and Us’ still available
16/09/12 – Can sugar make you dumb?

Year 2011

25/08/11 – Practical Solutions for Dyslexia for Higher and Further Education
24/08/11 – The Open University has a free short course on dyslexia on its Open Learn website.
18/08/11 – Got Dyspraxia? How to live life to the full.
18/08/11 – Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia Workshop at Ann Arbour. Friday 19th August.
29/07/11 – BBC – New TV series filming in August, require children with dyslexia.
28/07/11 – Doctor Who Stars to Voice Characters in CBeebies-FME Kids’ Series -may help children with dyspraxia
26/07/11 – What does, Cher, Brad Little, John Lennon, Nigel Kennedy have in common?
All famous musicians & dyslexic. Can music help dyslexics?
26/07/11 – Can music help dyslexic?
26/07/11 – New typeface helps people with dyslexia read.
21/01/11 – Driving with dyspraxia is more difficult.
18/07/11 – Congratulations to Tom Pollereau, who is dyslexic, wins the Apprentice
16/07/11 – Davis (who has dyspraxia) grabs a sensational six medals
16/07/11 – From no GCSEs … to a first-class degree, Dyslexic Ben Celebrates
21/01/11 – Driving with dyspraxia is more difficult
16/07/11 – 11-year-old boy with dyslexia is celebrating making it through to the finals of the National Poetry Competition
16/07/11 – Dyslexia Awareness Week 30/10/11.
15/07/11 – Congratulations to Princess Beatrice
15/07/11 – Princess Beatrice Fights Dyslexia
12/07/11 – Indiana latest US state to drop handwriting requirement
03/07/11 – Henry Winkler, releases Hank Zipzer novelty for dyslexic Teenagers
05/07/11 – Horse Winner defies Dyslexia
01/07/11 – ‘Raising Awareness of Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia’ on our website.
30/06/11 – Musical games benefit dyslexic kids
30/06/11 – Dyslexie: A typeface for dyslexics
28/06/11 – Dyslexia Awareness Week 30/10/11.
28/06/11 – ‘Raising Awareness of Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia’ on our website.
08/06/11 – Dawn French: ‘Our children’s inability to read is a failure we must all share’.
01/06/11 – Dyslexic Poet Zephaniah: Teacher told me not everyone can read well ……. So try football!
12/05/11 -Danny Glover, one of Hollywood’s most successful actors is dyslexic.
12/04/11 – Theo Paphitis: Branded Lazy at School, ‘but I was dyslexic’.
12/04/11 – Dyspraxia Association has been given the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.
23/03/11 – The Fonz’ has been awarded an OBE for his work on dyslexia.
11/03/11 – Max Irons talks about his dyslexia.
28/02/11 – ‘ I had to beat dyslexia to top charts, reveals Singer Clare Maquire’.