Myths about Dyslexia

There are many myths around about dyslexia. You have probably heard quite a few.
Some of the ones we have heard are below:

* Dyslexia does not exist.
* You cannot test for dyslexia until the child is seven years of age.
* You can cure dyslexia.
* Dyslexia is a middle-class syndrome.
* Dyslexia is a term used for people who are backward.
* If you cannot read you must be dyslexic.
* If you cannot spell you must be dyslexic.
* If you can spell well, you cannot have dyslexia.
* If you do not reverse your letters i.e., b/d’s, p/b’s you cannot be dyslexic.
* If you do not reverse letters you must be dyslexic.
* There is no definitive test for dyslexia.
* If you force a child to read every day with you they will eventually learn to read.
* Bad parenting causes dyslexia.
* You cannot have dyslexia if you are ‘gifted’.
* You cannot have dyslexia if you have a low intelligence level.
* You can outgrow dyslexia.
* Dyslexia does not affect children in other countries.
* The majority of teachers know about dyslexia.

If you have heard about any myths regarding dyslexia, please let us know, and we may be able to include them in the list above?