Dyslexia & Vision – (OrCam MyEye 2.0)

OrCam device to help Dyslexics ReadThis new visual aid was designed primarily with the blind in mind, but it would appear that it may also help people with dyslexia.  It is a small device that has a magnet which attaches to a pair of glasses.  It is no larger than a finger and weighs only .8 ounces.

When a person wears the device on his glasses, it relays the information it sees, i.e., it can scan a newspaper, book, etc., it then ‘reads’ the information to the person wearing the device, thereby helping people to ‘see’ what they are reading.

For someone with dyslexia who has severe reading problems, this may just be a handy item.  It would mean that the with the information being relayed to you in this manner, you will be able to understand it better, rather than ‘stop’ and ‘starting’ all the time.

It would be nice to try it and see how useful it would be for students with dyslexia.  So if anyone knows anyone with dyslexia that has severe reading problems, it may be worth contacting the company to see if they would let you try it out and report back.  It could be worth it for the company as this would open up an enormous market.

There is a US version which reads in different languages, including, English, Spanish and French.  This device can scan any surface—books, restaurant menus, signs, computer and phone screens.

I think this would be a very useful item for people with dyslexia who have severe reading problems and would love to have some feedback from people with dyslexia.

For further information on this exciting development, you will find it here.

Boston University News Service 
January 12, 2018