learning difficulties: everything for dyslexia!


dyslexia Treatment

As dyslexia is not a disease, there is no ‘treatment’ for it.

dyslexia – learning through play

However, you can help a student with dyslexia, by using Multi-Sensory Teaching Methods and developing skills through play and lots of encouragement.

What is Multi-Sensory?

I am frequently being asked by parents and students, ‘what does multi-sensory mean’. Multi-Sensory means merely, using: eyes, ears, touch, taste and smell.

Dyslexia treatment – playing with things like:

• Practising letter formation in sand/salt trays. (I use cat litter trays they are very cheap.)
• Using chalk or coloured pens, to do letter formation on black/white board.
• Shape and pattern copying.
• Using ‘Spirograph’ to practice writing – write, shake it and it goes away.
• Tracking objects to their ‘homes’, i.e., tracing along the line back to the rabbit hutch etc.
• Colouring in ‘mosaics’ or ‘paint by number’ are excellent to improve ‘fine motor’ control, (much better than simply writing).
• Colouring in old-fashioned ‘doylies’ (for cakes) is another way to improve fine-motor control.
• Threading coloured beads.
• Jigsaws.
• Juggling.
• Swimming.

Dyslexia – developing skills, including:

* Sequencing
* Space organisation
* Directional awareness
* Strategies.