dyslexia xtraordinary people

Lettere01gorgoXtraordinary People, is an organisation founded by a mum whose children are dyslexic, it is campaigning for greater recognition by the Government of the needs of children with dyslexia.
In a class of 30 pupils, an average of three will be dyslexic.

Teachers are crying out for special training, which would take no more than five days as a module within current training. This will allow them to bring out the sometimes massive potential of these children.

Latest figures from Ofsted show that 50% of ALL boys leaving primary school cannot write properly. The multi-sensory methods used to teach dyslexics help with all Specific Learning Difficulties and literacy and numeracy in general so it’s not just the 1 in 10 dyslexics who’d benefit. The alternative for dyslexics is frustration, which in many cases can make them disruptive in class and sometimes society.

Xtraordinary people are trying to persuade the Government to add a module to current teacher training, and with that in mind they have set up an on-line petition.

If you would like to see more teacher training around dyslexia and SpLD, please click on the website below and sign their petition.