dyslexia education centres

Private Tuition for dyslexic students

Lettere01gorgoIf your child is struggling at school – private tuition can make all the difference.

In the UK, there are a few, private education Centres that operate between 9.00am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday (and sometimes on Saturday mornings).

These Centres have thousands of pounds of specialist teaching and testing equipment. Their staffs are highly qualified specialist and dedicated members of a team. Children usually work for one-hour sessions. These sessions are then split into six ten-minute slots so that the child does not become bored and each activity is different from the previous one.
The school can make an, ‘approved absence’ for an ‘education activity’. The children usually come out of school for an hour once or twice each week.

Most schools are quite happy for this. The children may miss a little time at school, but the benefits are they are not tired at the end of the day so they are not resentful and make rapid progress. I personally do not think we should expect children to do extra work after school each day (on top of their usual homework). My own children would certainly have kicked up about it!

The fees for these Centres are usually approximately, £23 – £50 per hour.