dyslexia help and advice

There is a lot of helpful information and useful equipment to help people with dyslexia; you will find some below:

National Literacy Trust
The National Literacy Trust links home, school and the wider community to inspire learners and create opportunities for everyone. We support those who work with learners through our innovative programmes, information and research. We bring together key organisations to lead literacy promotion in the UK

I Before E (Except After C)
Struggle to recall the basic facts and rules of spelling, grammar, history, maths and more? This bestselling compilation brings together all the old-school ways to remember stuff. Memory aids such as rhymes (30 days hath September … ). Just 9.95.

British Dyslexia Association
is the voice of dyslexic people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. One of the world’s leading dyslexia organisations.

Hornsby International Charity
Hornsby International is a dyslexia charity group. Hornsby International provides training, diagnosis, support, books and general education about dyslexia.

Helen Arkell Centre
Services for dyslexics, learning difficulties, specialist teacher training for teaching individuals with dyslexia, adults with dyslexia, speech and language.

Davis Dyslexia Association
International: Creative talents and learning disabilities, effective methods to teach reading and overcome academic problems.

The International Dyslexia Association.
Formerly the Orton Dyslexia Association. Provides resources for professionals and families dealing with individuals with reading disabilities.

Dyslexia Teacher
information and resources for teachers of children with dyslexia: teaching methods, recognizing dyslexia, assessment books, news and research.

Software for dyslexia, talking computers, text to speech synthesis, speech recognition and TextHelp.

Levinson Medical Centre for Learning Disabilities
is dedicated to resolving misconceptions of dyslexia and related attention deficit and anxiety disorders. www.dyslexiaonline.com

Bristol Dyslexia Centre
Find out more about dyslexia and famous dyslexics. Online learning/teaching system with cartoons, games, fun resources, Nessy and Silly Bull.

Dyslexia Research Trust
A charity established to support research into the nature and causes of developmental dyslexia and to help children with visually impaired dyslexic problems.

Bangor Dyslexia Unit
brief details on the Bangor University Dyslexia Unit.