A Collection of Poems on Dyslexia

‘Dyslexia – The Inner Hurt’, a collection of poems on dyslexia

During ‘Dyslexia Awareness Week’, in November 1995, I took the opportunity of organising a competition on Dyslexia.  The competition was for all children up to 16 years of age. Information was sent to every school and playgroup in the Swindon area. I aimed to promote a greater understanding of dyslexia and how it affects people.

03/02/15- I’m Not Marking this Mess! by Mark – (No. 1: Page 20)

03/02/15 – Children Struggling with Reading by Leigh (No.2: Page 19)

22/01/15 – by Jenna (No. 3: Page 21)

22/01/15 – It Gets in the Way by Thomas (No. 4: Page 22)

All spellings, grammar etc., were as written at the time

These Poems on Dyslexia were taken from a book on Dyslexia, – ‘The Inner Hurt’)
First published in Great Britain in 1996