Lettere01gorgoPoems about Dyslexia


I’m Not Marking This Mess
Mark (12)

I can see his face ready to blow
he shouts so the whole class will know
‘Sir, Sir I’m stuck, I need more time.’
‘I told you what to do, don’t step out of line’.

I find it hard and embarrassing with him yelling
about my reading writing and spelling.
‘Hurry up, get on with it, I’m not marking this mess’
I say, ‘I need more time, I’m doing my best’.

He tells me little kids can do better than me
‘I’;ve seen better from my daughter, she’s only three
where’s your full stops and capital letters?
now go and sit down until you do better.

It’s hard to do my work I find
I never rest, it’s always on my mind
then I get frustrated, rude and angry
because he doesn’t understand me.

© ‘The Inner Hurt’ 1996


Dyslexia – The Inner Hurt.  Collection of poems about dyslexia is available here.