Dyslexia A2Z – Testimonial

dear brilliant people

wonderful resource you may want to add this link to the diet and  nutrition section of your web site

the report is really helpful in giving good evidence of the link between food and brain the report is by the mental health foundation and is called ‘changing diets changing minds’ i am dyslexic and follow the advice in the report particularly around vitamin b’s and omega 3 essential fatty  acids i have seen an improvement in my ability to organise and process  information which seems to get better and better

the link is:  www.mentalhealth.org.uk/publications/changing-diets-changing-minds.

no need to reply you are too busy being creative for our benefit thanks !

great ! the changing minds report is excellent as it summarises loads of the research for us regards Fiona

Maria wrote:

Hi Fiona

Maria wrote:

Hi Fiona

Glad you liked my website.  I also follow the ‘omega 3 fatty acid’ and vitamin ‘B’ diet.  I think it is beneficial for everyone, but especially if you are dyslexic.  It would appear that we are more likely to be deficient in these vitamins/minerals over other people.

Kind regards

Maria Chivers