dyspraxia:- exam concessions

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GCSE, GCE ‘A’ Levels and GNVQ Examinations

If you have dyspraxia you may be able to get concessions with examinations. Every Examination Board has different rules and regulations therefore, the school should contact them in plenty of time to ascertain the exact requirements of the individual Board.

You may be able to use a computer for; coursework and examinations. Other concessions you may be entitled to include:

• Extra time – extra time, up to 25%.
• Amanuensis / Scribe – an adult who writes for the student.
• Reader – an adult to read out the questions to the student.
• Word processors.
• Special Keyboard.
• Voice Recognition Software.
• Or other arrangements.

To get entitlement for any of the above, the Examination Boards will require a current assessment report from an Educational Psychologist, a teacher with specialist qualifications for identifying assessing and teaching pupils with specific learning difficulties or other Specialist Professional. The school should be able to arrange this for you, however, if there is a delay, you may need to arrange this yourself.

A Booklet on the regulations is available from the Joint Council for Qualifications or telephone: 02076 384225 or www.jcgq.org.uk.

Please note, these concessions need to be requested as early as possible.