what is gifted / giftedness / able / talented?

What is Gifted / Giftedness?

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Gifted, giftedness, able, talented children / students are those considered by Educational Systems to be gifted overall, i.e., not just in a specific areas, e.g. chess, music, art etc.
These students often feel alienated by their peers and others around them. Anyone with an IQ in the top 2% of the population can join Mensa.

I make no apologies for including the gifted, able, talented student in this website. Although these students do not come into the UK’s, Special Educational Needs Definition, their educational needs in many cases are not being met. The fact that these children are gifted should mean that the schools have a duty to provide extra support for them – over and above their peer group.

In March 2004, David Bell, the UK’s, Government’s Chief Inspector for Education, addressed the ‘National Association for Able Children in Education’ and said that gifted and highly intelligent pupils should be put on a ‘Special Education Needs’ register in the same way as those with learning difficulties.

It is most important to get gifted, able and talented students recognised as early as possible. By identifying a need, you can start to put in the necessary help to support the child.
Intelligent Quotient (IQ) Tests for Gifted / Giftedness / Able / Talented.

What is the definition of Giftedness?

According to the internationally accepted definition that a gifted child is a child with intelligence above the 95th percentile of the population.


“British Mensa uses two main tests to identify people’s IQ scores, the Cattell III B and the Cattell Culture Fair III A.

Testing Gifted Children

If you suspect a student comes into the gifted, able and talented category you can arrange to have an educational psychologist assessment to ascertain his exact intelligence level. You should try to find a psychologist with a particular interest in gifted students. The report can them be used to ensure the correct help is given at school, college, university or workplace.