Gifted / Giftedness / Able / Talented checklist

Gifted / Giftedness Checklist

Exellent idea, kid with illustrated bulb above his headThe signs below may indicate someone is ‘gifted / talented / able’ – they do not need to have all of these signs.


* Does not appear to fit in with standard curriculum.
* Good general knowledge.
* Has a much larger vocabulary than his peer group.
* Highly developed verbal aptitude.
* Is interested in many subjects.
* Works well on his own with very limited intervention.
* Will accomplish a variety of things earlier than other children.
* Understands instructions well.
* Concentrates well.
* Good at problem solving.
* Learns easily and remembers quicker than his peers.
* Will be the best one in his class.
* Will rapidly respond to new ideas.
* Will think of new ways of doing things.
* Very curious.
* Very imaginative.
* Generally asks more and detailed questions.
* Produces more elaborated answers.
* More deeply engaged in testing.
* Often group leaders.
* Can juggle far more activities and interests than their peer group.
* Have strong opinions.
* Gets on with adults better than his age group.

gifted / giftedness with mathematics:

* High level of reasoning.
* Understands processes.
* Can complete calculations easily.
* High level of visual spatial ability.
* Gifted / Giftedness / Able / Talented – With Reading:
* Probably read before he started school.
* Reads a book quickly.
* Ability to decode words.
* Can comprehend complex printed passages.
* Memorises well.

gifted / giftedness – when writing:

* Produces legible print or script.
* Highly developed ideas.
* Very smart written work.

gifted / giftedness generally – appears to be very talented in: (some not all)

* Music.
* Art.
* Creative writing.
* Scientific thinking.