learning difficulties: left-handers / lefthanders / lefties / southpaws

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Introduction to left-handed Problems

I make no apologies for including the left-handed students in this website. Although these students do not come into the UK’s, Special Educational Needs Definition, their educational needs in many cases are not being met. The fact that these young children have to struggle so hard just to be able to write should mean that the schools have a duty to provide extra support for them – over and above their peer group.

Many left-handed writers have trouble with several kinds of writing tips. Points may catch on a corner or on an edge, digging into the paper. The worst of these are the extra-fine, needlepoint, flexible, and italic nibs; however poorly-designed mediums and stubs can also be nasty for lefties. While broad and broad-oblique tips usually present no problem, any of them can be problematic if they are poorly-adjusted or even just a little bit sharp in the direction of writing.
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