learning difficulties: gifted / giftedness / able / talented – Mensa – under 18’s

Gifted / Giftedness & Mensa – Under 18’s

Exellent idea, kid with illustrated bulb above his headBritish Mensa currently has around 1,300 Mensans under the age of 18. These are full members of the society, and are offered the same range of benefits as adult members. They are encouraged to join their own special interest group – Junior-M SIG – and some regional groups may organise family friendly events such as days out, walks, or games afternoons.

In addition, the society’s Gifted Child Consultant works with Mensa to create support programmes and events for people living and working with gifted children.

There are some fantastic games for the gifted student. They also have a brilliant website with lots of very useful information. Hoagies can be found at: Hoagies Gifted.

Mensa’s website provides a wealth of information for the gifted student. Lots of puzzles to solve and prizes to enter.

Check out the Mensa Brain Trainer in the Mensa Shop.Further information on Mensa, can be found at: www.mensa.org.uk