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Speech & Language Difficulties (SALT) &Dyslexia

CommunicationOn this part of the site you will find comprehensive information on: What does Speech & Language Therapies Mean? Definition of a language disorder. Speech disorder checklist; What causes speech and language problems. What causes stammering; lisps, dyspraxia to dysarthia; what makes verbal communication difficult? speech treatment; speech tests; speech assessments; speech aids and equipment; how you can help: Software for speech problems? Help & Advice and booklist.

comprehensive information for speech & language difficulties

It is important to identify children with Speech & Language problems at the earliest possible time, so that the child can be assessed and a comprehensive educational plan put in place to help the child. You will also find a section on: Looking for schools that specialise in speech problems; People who can test for this; Speech Test Centres and how to find a speech therapist in your area.