Dysgraphia (handwriting) – Voice Recognition Software (VRS)

HandwritingThere are several ‘Voice Recognition Software’ (VRS) packages available; this is sometimes called ‘Speech Recognition Software (SRS). This type of software works by just ‘talking and it types it for you’. These programs do take a little getting used to but at the end of the day they save a lot of time, effort and frustration!

Dysgraphia & Voice Recognition Software (VRS) / Speech Recognition Software (SRS)

One of the main leaders in this market is a company called, ‘Nuance’, it publishes software called: Dragon Naturally Speaking – and it is brilliant!

Dragon Naturally Speaking is so easy to use and for the first time, students can actually do their homework without the usual stress levels that go along with it. Whilst this takes a little getting used to, it is very much worth the small amount of effort involved initially.

This is what the parent’s of a youngster said, as soon as their son used this software:

The first assignment our son wrote using Naturally Speaking was so amazing, we had trouble believing he’d written it himself! Being able to ‘talk’ his ideas into the computer allowed his words to flow easily from his mind to the word processor. He began, dare I say, ‘enjoying’ his writing assignments.”
Zac C.

Have a look at the link Dragon Naturally Speaking and see what you think?

Dragon Naturally Speaking

If you or your child has dyslexia, enough is enough. There’s actually no need to spend another minute using a keyboard or a mouse, struggling to get ideas into words and spending hours trying to get that essay correct only to be given low marks for the work completed and the presentation.

Voice Recognition Software (VRS) – Work Planner & Checklist

When you are given a homework assignment / report etc., first thing is ‘Don’t Panic’.

1. Just turn your Voice Recognition Software on.
2. Think about what you want to say, don’t worry about getting things in the correct order
3. Just talk into the headset – and the words will appear on the screen
4. No need to worry about spelling because the software, corrects it for you as you go along.
5. No need to worry about getting the grammar (sentence structure) correct as it will correct this as you go along
6. When you are finished, you can look at your work and ‘proof’ (check) it by asking for ‘playback’
7. Playback shows you, your typed up version, see if there are things you want to change
8. Just add or change anything you want
9. Print out or email it to your tutor.

Let Voice Recognition Software (VRS) Control your entire computer

Not only that, you can also ask it to control your entire computer, for instance, you can:

1. Send an email
2. Browse the web
3. Go to Facebook and add/change things
4. Shop online
5. And more or less anything else you want it to do.

If you were only to have one piece of software on your computer, this would be definitely the piece I would put on.
If you would like to purchase Dragon Naturally Speaking, to their website at: Dragon Naturally Speaking

Other software will be added shortly.