Dysgraphia Hand-writing Aids & Equipment

There are so many computer aids and equipment for dysgraphia that parents are often totally confused with what to purchase first. I have listed a selection of computer aids, which are specifically designed to help students with dysgraphia, and which as a mother of two dyslexic children, we found to be useful.

PenAgain ErgoSof Pen

PenAgain_ErgoSof_Pen_in_handThis pen encourages good grip for the younger child and helps both the left and right-handed child to form letters correctly. You cannot fail to hold this pen in the correct way, thereby teaching the younger child to hold the pen correctly. It should be said, though that these pens are very comfortable to use and are not just for children.

The suppliers also confirm that the ‘no grip’ design may be of particular benefit to people who find it difficult or uncomfortable to hold a pen. These pens are refillable.

Price Approx: £7.00 (but well worth it and because of the shape a little more difficult to loose, even for the children!)

Available from: The Dyslexia Shop


The Triangular Grip


The original pencil grip designed to encourage correct tripod position. Very good grips and extremely cheap, considering the children loose them all the time! I think these are probably the best for the very young child.

Price Approx: £3.00 for 10

Available from: Crossbow Education

The “Stubbi” Pencil Grip


The Stubbi Pencil grip was one of the first grips designed with ergonomic properties and remains one of the most popular choices. Extremely good pencil grips, students cannot fail to hold the pen correctly and they are very comfortable to use.

Price Approx: £3.95 for 10.

Available from: Crossbow Education


Dexball Writing Aid


Whilst this contraption certainly looks a little ‘odd’, it is actually very handy for the student who has problems with holding a pen correctly.

The Dexball has a pen holder attached to the soft ball and then the user holds the ball between forefinger and thumb. The pen is held in place by a plastic insert, when tightened. Some children will love to use this because it is different and fun to use. However, it is not cheap and if it was for my child, I would probably try one of the cheaper options first’.

Price Approx: £24.00 (expensive, but read the note above)

Available from: EmpTech




Finally, a grip with all the ‘write’ features – Developed and tested by pediatric occupational therapists specializing in handwriting. Writing is fifty percent of literacy, this product will help your child be all they can be.

‘I am a teacher and the occupational therapist at our school recommended this pencil grip for a few of my students. It works really well in training their hand to hold the pencil correctly. It is a little bit large, but I find it helps students hold the pencil correctly. For my kindergarten student, I need to remind him how to hold it and watch that he tucks his middle finger under correctly. I very much recommend this grip’

By Music Fan “Jess”, Amazon


Writing Slope


This Writing Slope enables children to work and write at the optimum angle. Each sturdy slope is set at the recommended angle of 20 degrees and has a rubber grip to prevent slipping. This is an ideal piece of equipment for the student who has difficulty keeping the work in the right position.

Price Approx: £25.00.

Available from: CrossBow Education

Pagemark™ Dictionary


Specially designed to slot between the pages of a book, this slim format dictionary contains the entire contents of the Compact Oxford English Dictionary, providing definitions and phrases to over 145,000 words.

145,000 word Dictionary
Ultra thin bookmark format – slides easily into any book
Phonetic spell-correction
Create your own Study List
Databank for 50 names and numbers
Time and date function with local and world time
Metric and currency convertor

Up-dated:15 February, 2012