The Equality Act (EA) & (DDA)

The Equality Act (EA) 2010 & The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)

The Equality Act (EA) 2010, replaced the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995; thereby discrimination issues concerning dyslexia or other learning difficulty are now covered under this single Act.

Under the Equality Act (EA), it is unlawful to treat a disabled customer, application for employment, or employee less favourably because of their disability without justification.

Many people with dyslexia do not think they are disabled, but disability takes many forms, and disabled people are unfairly treated in many areas of everyday life, including employment.

Under the Equality Act (EA) all businesses, employers, further education departments and schools have to make provision for customers, students and employees who may be dyslexic. In the UK, the only exemption to this is the armed forces.

Severe dyslexia is used as an example in several sections of the Code of Practice and fits the definition of disability used within the Equality Act (EA).