Boy holding a pencil

Young boy in school writing by hand.

With so many children having problems with handwriting, and with over 20 different styles of handwriting in our schools, do you think we need a National Handwriting Scheme?

I am deeply concerned about the lackadaisical attitude of the Department for Education (DfE) with regard to handwriting. In our schools, just because the (DfE) did not want to dictate to schools which style of handwriting it wanted them to use, we have over 20 different forms of writing! If your child moves to another school (even in the same country), you are likely to find that they use a different style which child has to learn again, which just causes confusion. That’s just crazy!

I think this is ridiculous and the DfE, certainly doesn’t leave very much else to individual schools to manage, so why do they leave handwriting?

In many counties, like France, Spain, Italy, USA and Argentina etc., they all have National Handwriting Schemes which appear to work very well. I think it is time we adopted a ‘National Handwriting Scheme’ for the UK, and I personally would like to work towards this.

Kind regards