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Maria Chivers has dedicated most of her working life to dyslexia and other learning difficulties (SpLD’s).

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Review by: ‘Sally P, ‘Education Otherwise’

Review by: ‘Sally P, ‘Education Otherwise’

A good book about how alternative therapies can help dyslexia. It mentions each therapy individually and explains what it is, how it works, how many sessions are needed, who will benefit, and if it can be done at home. Easy to read as its well set out but would think its still difficult to choose which one to use as there are so many to choose from but if you have some ideas of what you might like to try then it’s a good book to help you decide and compare with other alternatives.

Sally P. ‘Education Otherwise’

Review by: ‘The Dyslexia Shop’

his Book comprehensively documents every alternative therapy that proposes a benefit to people with dyslexia. The therapies covered range from almost mainstream to the outer reaches of “new age” thinking. The author explains simply what each therapy consists of, who it might benefit, and presents the scientific (or pseudo-scientific) theoretical justification for each. Where there is supporting evidence of efficacy, e.g. positive results from clinical trials, these are referenced.

This is a useful aggregation of information in an accessible, structured format. For dyslexia tutor/counsellors in particular, it will provide useful background reading in anticipation of client requests for an opinion on the value of a particular alternative therapy. However, by replaying the “sales pitch” for each therapy without critical comment, the author leaves it entirely to the reader to judge for themselves the credibility, cost-benefit, and possible health risks of the various therapies presented. The Dyslexia Shop would endorse very few of the therapies described in this book.

The Dyslexia Shop

‘Dyslexia and Alternative Therapies ‘ – Review by ‘Book News’

Founder of the Swindon Dyslexia Centre, Chivers surveys some of the alternative therapies that are being used for dyslexia in particular but also attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, hearing difficulty, and other conditions that can interfere with learning. Some chapters focus on groups of conditions and others on groups of therapies. Among the information she provides is how a particular therapy works, what happens during treatment, how many sessions are needed, how much can be done at home, and who benefits most (besides the therapist, of course).
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