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Little Girl with Chiropractor

Little Girl with Chiropractor


If you are interested in what Complementary  Therapies have to offer people with learning difficulties, such as Dyslexia; Dyscalculia; Dysgraphia; Dyspraxia; ADHD or other (SpLD’s); this part of the website will offer accessible and helpful advice.

Whether you are a parent, teacher or other professional there will be something here to interest you.


The list of Complementary Therapies on this part of the website, include: Alexander Technique; Chiropractic & Cranial & Sacral; Osteopathy; Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy and Yoga.

Complementary Therapies have to offer people with:Dyslexia; Dyscalculia; Dyscalculia; Dyspraxia; ADHD or other Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD’s), whether a parent, teacher or other professional, this part of the website will offer accessible and helpful advice.

I have been working in the education field for over 20 years, and in particular my work at the Swindon Dyslexia Centre has included dealing with thousands of people who were desperately seeking the ‘cure’ for dyslexia.

For many years dyslexia has been under the scrutiny of many different specialists. The result has been a wealth of information, but where do you start? This part of the site looks at Complementary Therapies in relation to Dyslexia; Dyscalculia; Dysgraphia; Dyspraxia and other Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD’s).

I have looked at many different therapies that have at some time claimed to help, alleviate or even ‘cure’ dyslexia and other learning difficulties (besides many other conditions).

Entire books have been dedicated to individual therapies. I only intend to give you a ‘flavour’ of each here. Some of these therapies are very new while others, like Ayurveda, have been around for over 5000 years.

Whilst I have tried to put therapies in the relevant sections, it is sometimes difficult to determine where one method ends and another begins, but the structure used aims to be as helpful and clear as possible.

In my view, one thing that is clear to me, is that good old tried and tested teaching methods should not be replaced, and that complementary approaches should be treated as ‘complementary’.

Alexander Technique

This part of the website has only just been added and will be completed soon.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

If you are interested in what Complementary Therapies have to offer you can find more information in my book: ‘Dyslexia and Alternative Therapies‘.

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