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Employing staff can be an expensive legal minefield!

To find a specialist team of educational specialists to help you fulfil your obligations as an employer and guide you through the complex maze of legislation, go to our ‘find a specialist online’ webpage.

• The maximum compensatory award in cases of unfair dismissal is £56,800!
• There is no maximum award for cases of discrimination!

With tribunal awards and settlements continuing to rise, increasing and more demanding legislation and employees increasingly aware of their rights, you should know your legal obligations.

Statementing procedures.
Enforcement of statements.
Special Education Needs & Tribunals.

ADHD Myths
There are many myths around about ADHD. You have probably heard quite a few. Some of the ones we have heard are below:

* ADHD does not exist.
* ADHD is a term used for children who are just naughty.
* You can cure ADHD.
* Bad parenting causes ADHD.
* If you are ‘gifted’ you cannot have ADHD.
* Adults do not have ADHD.
* ADHD does not affect children in other countries, outside the UK.
* Most teachers know about ADHD.
* If you have ADHD it is best to take medicine.