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Gifted Children’s Information Centre 
Supplies Books, Guides, Teaching Packs and Equipment for Gifted Children, Dyslexic Children and Left-Handed Children. Also offers legal advice and guidance for SEN children.

National Association for Gifted Children
The Support Society for Children of High Intelligence (CHI)
The NAGC invests all of its resources to train teachers, encourage parents and educate administrators and policymakers on how to develop and support gifted children and what’s at stake if high-potential learners are not challenged and encouraged.

Mensa “provides a forum for intellectual exchange among members. Its activities include the exchange of ideas by lectures, discussions, journals, special-interest groups, and local, regional, national, and international gatherings; the investigations of members’ opinions and attitudes; and assistance to researchers, inside and outside Mensa, in projects dealing with intelligence or Mensa.”

TBM GiftedChildren – Tampa Bay Mensa Gifted Children’s Group
This Yahoo Group is open to all Tampa Bay Mensa hildren’s Group members, prospective members, their parents, and those interested in gifted children’s issues.
Website:Tampa Bay Mensa

Pullen Publications
Pullen Publications specialises in books for able pupils.
Publications, 13 Station Road, Knebworth, Herts SG3 6AP.
Tel: 01438 814316.

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Gifted /Gifted – Yahoo Groups `

These following Yahoo Groups have been checked by a Mensa member and found to be extremely helpful:
Homeschooling mensans Mensans – educating the gifted child at home (Yahoo Groups)
Welcome to Homeschooling Mensans! This group is a SIG (special interest group) affiliated with American Mensa, the high IQ society. It is open to Mensans who homeschool their own gifted children, or anyone interested in homeschooling gifted children. This list is the discussion group. We advocate no particular method, and promote no religious viewpoint. All are welcome. We expect all members to be respectful and tolerant of those whose opinions differ from their own. If you want a list where everyone agrees with you all the time, please look elsewhere. If you expect to seek converts to your point of view, please look elsewhere. If you want stimulating discussion, you’ve come to the right place. Please be aware that we moderate new members to prevent spamming. After your initial post (proving you are a real person, not a spammer)you will (at OUR discretion) be placed on unmoderated status. Opinions expressed are not those of American Mensa, which has no opinions.
Website: Homeschooling Mensans

Unschool gifted – (Yahoo Groups)
This group is for homeschoolers with gifted children who seek an interest-led lifestyle of learning rather than high achievement by someone else’s standards. Both giftedness and unschooling are self-defined and their validity will not be debated here, as this is a support group. Join us and share your experiences, concerns, resources, and accumulated wisdom!
Website: Unschool Gifted

Mensa and A.D.D. Special Interest Group 
(Yahoo Groups)
What happens when someone has both a high IQ AND attention deficit disorder? What if one or both go undiagnosed? There are many geniuses who are lost, both to themselves and to society, because the combined effects of high IQ and A.D.D. are not fully understood. This SIG is dedicated to sharing experiences, solutions, connections and hope at

Website:Mensa ADD Special Interest Group

Parents Of Gifted Offspring – Northern NJ (Yahoo Groups)
For Parents/guardians of Gifted Offspring – Northern NJYou are not alone. Learn about other “kids like mine”, and perhaps some links or books that help. Join us for discussions, support, information sharing. Every March is Gifted Child’s month in NJ.
Website: Parents of Gifted Offspring

CuriousKids ( San Diego Mensa Curious Kids) (Yahoo Groups)
Curious Kids is a group dedicated to providing activites for and fostering connections between bright young children in the San Diego area. We strive to have events twice a month alternating between weekday and weekend events. Our actitivies are generally appropriate for children between the ages of 1 and 7 though siblings are always welcome to attend as well. We are an entirely parent run organization so, if you have an idea for a great event, please post it.
Website: Curious Kids

M Powered Parenting (Yahoo Groups)
Welcome! This a NEW Special Interest Group for Mensan Parents. We welcome 2% parents with children of all ages and abilities. This is a place to connect and share as parents. If you are interested in joining please send a message to and PLEASE be sure to include your full name and Mensa member number.Thank you!
Website: M Powered Parenting

Raised as a Mensan? Bringing up a Mensan? Had a Mensan parent? A Mensan cousin? Multi-generation membership answers many questions, raises others! Join us and share your thoughts! stories! humor! questions!suggestions!
GenerationSIG members are part of verified two, three and four (five, someday) generation Mensa families. To meet this requirement, some generational members may be lapsed, or deceased, but List participants must be current Mensa members and at least 18 years old.Prospective families must provide names and relationships of multi-generational members, available email addresses, and membership numbers – if available – for N.O. verification.
You will be part of a unique group in the Hi-IQ world, so there may be opportunity for volunteer participation in future research studies.We will review this list periodically for civility, and to keep discussion on thread. Contact Paul Jensen (a “2”) at to register. Contents are property of the list owner. This Special Interest Group is a Member Service of AmericanMensa, Ltd.
Website: GenerationSIG

High IQ Parent is a discussion group especially for those people with a very high level of intelligence (Mensa level or higher) who are also parents. Highly intelligent parents face issues different than those of the norm and may find that this sort of discussion group and community is useful and provides something not found elsewhere. Intelligent parents also often have to deal with the myriad issues and challenges surrounding the raising of gifted children. Let’scome together and see where it goes from here! SPAM is NOT tolerated here! Spammers will be banned and reported to Yahoo! and their ISPs.

Mensakids · A social list for Mensa members under age 20.
This list fulfills a need for a safe place for Mensa and former Mensa kids to meet each other. No adults allowed. No bad language allowed. The group is currently uncensored. Anyone using bad language or flaming anyone else, will be put on moderated status and eventually removed from the list.If there is interest, we can schedule weekly chats.When you join, tell us something about yourself. Clean jokes are fine too.

A1_Young_MENSA ·
A list for those in or interested in being part of MENSA, This list will involve chat, jokes and anything you want to talk about, any young members don’t be scared off! I am a young MENSA member (JUST 20)

Lost Genius (Yahoo Groups)
Thanks to the Lost Genius Foundation, lost geniuses of the world never have to roam their houses and their communities aimlessly searching for a greatness they simply can’t achieve.

Gifted / Giftedness Booklist

The Tiger’s Child: The Story of a Gifted, Troubled Child and the Teacher Who Refused to Give Up on Her
Author(s): Torey Hayden
Pub Date: May 17, 2005
Further books on Gifted / Giftedness will be added to this page shortly.

Useful Links

The following are a list of links which I hope you find useful.

Gifted and Talented Support – One of Mensa’s core aims is to ‘identify and foster human intelligence’.

Gifted Education Page is a labour of love and commitment

National Able and Gifted Child 
Help With Bright Children by members of the Education and Research Committee

Supporting Educational Needs of the Gifted
SENG is dedicated to fostering environments in which gifted adults and children, in all their diversity, understand and accept themselves and are understood, valued, nurtured, and supported by their families, schools, workplaces and communities.

Gifted International Society of the Intellectually Gifted
It is well established that intelligent people have special intellectual, emotional, and social needs which remain with them throughout life. Intertel helps meet those needs by nurturing a sense of camaraderie between members and providing many opportunities for its members (often referred to as Ilians) to communicate and express their unique views.
Gifted International Society of the Intellectually Gifted