Ten per-cent of the world’s population is left-handed which appears to have been relatively steady for approximately 10,000 years.

Research from scientists at the University of Oxford carried out studies with over 400,000 subjects, looking at the correlation between language areas of the brain. These studies concluded that left-right hand symmetry is determined very early. For instance, when viewing snails, it would appear that the snail ‘shells coil’ to the left or the right in the initial stage of their development.

Dr Wiberg stated that ‘in left-handed participants, the language areas of the left and right sides of the brain communicate with each other in a more coordinated way.’ This appears to make left-handed people better at verbal tasks.

I would have thought that if both sides of the brain were working together at the same time, it would give left-handers an advantage in lots of other areas, but that doesn’t appear to be the case (or maybe they weren’t looking for any other signs).

What do other people think?

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