Legal Advice


Legal Advice

Sometimes, when parents have tried everything to get the help they need for their dyslexia child – things still do not work out.

It is on these occasions when they feel there is nothing further to do that they may decide to seek legal advice.

There have been several high profile court cases over the last few years where people have sued their Local Education Authority (LEA) because they have failed to identify their educational needs. in January 2005, Erinn Williamson, 18 years, went to the Perth Sheriff Court, to sue her LEA for £20,000 for failing to spot her spelling problems, were caused by dyslexia. Other court actions are being considered.

I would just like to emphasise that parents who have problems, do try to sort things out with the respective schools and LEA’s first before they get to this position. At the end of the day, any monies awarded to children have to come out of the education budget – leaving less money in the pot – so it really is a double-edged sword.

There are specialist firms offering legal advice to people who have had difficulties with their child’s education. Please ensure these companies are registered with The Education Law Association. The Law Society regulates these associations.

These companies can usually provide, legal representation on all aspects of education law, including,

* Information about Assessments and Statementing.
* Statementing procedures.
* Enforcement of statements.
* Special Education Needs & Tribunals.
* Dealing with a school that wants to reduce teaching time/therapy.
* Advise to parents regarding provision from the LEA or school.
* Help for students whose schools have failed them.