dyslexia and alternative Therapies book reviews


Review by: ‘Education Otherwise’

A good book about how alternative therapies can help dyslexia. It mentions each therapy individually and explains what it is, how it works . . . (Full Review)
Sally P.
Education Otherwise.

Review by: ‘The Dyslexia Shop’

‘This book comprehensively documents every alternative therapy that proposes a benefit to people with dyslexia. The therapies covered range from almost mainstream to the outer reaches of “new age” thinking. . .
. . . This is a useful aggregation of information in an accessible, structured format. For dyslexia tutor/counsellors in particular, it will provide useful background reading in anticipation of client requests for an opinion on the value of a particular alternative therapy…(Full Review)
The Dyslexia Shop

Review by: ‘Book News’

. . . . Chivers surveys some of the alternative therapies that are being used for dyslexia in particular but also attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, hearing difficulty, and other conditions . . . Some chapters focus on groups of conditions and others on groups of therapies. (Full Review)
Book News

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