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There are a lot of ‘Touch Typing’ packages available. However, I think for people with dysgraphia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD or other learning difficulties (SpLD’s), it is advisable to use programmes that were specially designed with ‘dyslexic’ type problems in mind. The programmes listed below, have been tested and used for years. They are excellent.

Typing Packages


KAZ – Typing Programme

Children love this because it has a big yellow bird that helps to teach them to type. Designed for children 6+ years (This company now has a Dyslexia Edition which has been developed by the ‘Dyslexia Research Trust’.)

Nessy Fingers Touch Typing’

This programme helps children improve spelling and keyboard skills. Designed for children between 8-12 years.

Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS)

Children who learn to touch type via a multisensory course like Touch-type Read and Spell also have their phonics skills reinforced.

Type to Learn 3
Students embark on time-travel missions to learn keyboarding skills.
Smart Kids

Free Typing Games

There are a lot of games around for children to learn to type. I do not know if they are any good. However, some parents have said, they keep their children occupied, especially when one of them absolutely loves planes. So, it may be worth a try.

Anything that keeps them interested can’t be wrong!

Burning Cargo!
A motivating Free typing game.

A motivating Free typing game.

Touch Typing Review


Why not give your child an advantage over the holidays and get them to touch-type? I am sure you would not mind sitting with them (although you don’t have to) for ¹15 minutes a day for five days. This will give them an excellent start when they return to school.

KAZ is for children from six years of age, he is a ‘big bird’, and the kids love him.
The programme basically has five phrases, and each sentence will take about fifteen minutes to complete. ¹(Now the caveat on this is there is never any pressure on the child; it may take 15 minutes, 30 or just ten, they have to do it at their own pace.)

When they have completed the five phrases, they will have used all of their fingers and covered the entire keyboard.

After that, it is just practice increasing the speed and to get the whereabouts of the keys to ‘long-term memory’ (that’s my expression, not the Company’s).

There are also sections for punctuation etc., but they are separate, and you can choose to complete them or not.

My husband and one of our sons can type at 40wpm, using two fingers, so, I don’t necessarily believe in touch-typing per se, but I firmly believe that everyone should know their way around a keyboard well.

If they know the keyboard, when they want to write something, they can just get on and type – it makes writing more accessible.

There are different programmes available; one for children with dyslexia, junior children, and even a version for children with ADHD. Furthermore, it is not just confined to children, so you may want to have a go yourself!

For further information, go to KAZ.

Or telephone 01926 423424. The lady on the other end of the phone is Sheraleen Bragenza. She is very easy to talk to, and she can answer any questions you may have.

by Maria Chivers

Congratulations to KAZ, they have just been ‘voted #1 Best Typing Tutor of the Year’ for 2018.